Verizon 5G Demo Lab London

The Verizon 5G London Lab is a step towards facilitating next generation concepts with 5G technology. In under 16 weeks the lab was built by Momentum WW from the ground up and since opening holds over 20 5G demos. As the first 5G lab in the UK it features a collection of future tech in AR, VR, mobile, sensors, and edge computing – all centered around harnessing the power of 5G.

Within the creative tech team at Momentum I got the opportunity to account for building, testing and running all the 5G demos. In short succession we procured over a dozen high end servers, VR headsets and mobile phones for rapid-fire quality testing. A highlight of this project was not only experimenting with the latest technology but having an agnostic approach (excluding 5G) to what hardware the lab could utilise.

The demos cover a range of consumer and private business scenarios in retail, manufacturing, security, education and entertainment. Many of which utilised environment mapping like SLAM and Lidar. This allowed the demos to link up real world objects with IoT information, vital for remote engineers or consumer experiences. Other demos focused on object identification using computer vision and machine learning that can elevate suspicious behaviour in stores or provide efficient staffless services to retail customers. The true value in all these demos was the real time delivery of processing information, whether it be video frames, analytics, alerts, object identification etc. This provides a path to ideas and interactive experiences only conceivable from real time communication. I go into more detail about these concepts on my blog here.

One other crucial component to the lab was designing an interactive on the fly remote control system for presenters to navigate through the demo lab. As potentials customers required a tailored journey, one that focused on paving a way for their businesses’ future, we needed to make sure the journey could adapt based on the nature of the meeting. This is why each demo bay can be brought into focus, start up and display supporting content, all with a single press of a button on the control panel.

Creating the lab was a one time experience that succeeded with merit through the contributions from all parties. While it has had an impressive launch, I will be most interested to see how the lab progresses over the years.

The Verizon 5G London lab launched on February 6th 2020.