The Media on the Moon


A projected media Moon installation about interconnecting two entities of massive impact to society; the moon and the online media web. In The Media on the Moon there is an attempt to further connect the two entities by having them strengthen and depend on each other. Conversations (tweets) on the event can be sent and displayed on the installation, causing the appearance of the digital moon to grow. The result is an online organic discussion between strangers, who have all converged around the ever-growing virtual moon. The interactive installation was reiterated and exhibited at three different events in three different countries. These iterations are explained on the next tab found at the top.


Share a Little #Glow – Auckland

In October 2016 I was given an opportunity to create a social media installation in the lead up to an NZ Trio concert called Glow, hosted at a local theatre in Auckland, NZ. The project – originally called Share a Little #Glow – was created as a way to generate talk on the NZ Trio concert opening in late September. The discussions could be anything relating to the Chinese Moon festival (the theme of the concert) or on the concert itself.

I wanted the installation to give the participants a sense of reward for their input on top of displaying their message. To go with the Chinese Moon festival vibe, I designed the installation around a large floating moon that would become more filled in every time a message was received. Anyone from the public could input a message into the discussion (and display on the installation) by entering messages through social media websites with the hashtag #Glow. After the message was typed out onto the wall it would turn into moon dust that filled in the edge of a 1.5 meter diameter moon. With each new message and over the course of 21 days, the moon gradually transitions from a waxing crescent to a full moon. The initial setup was a projection onto a concrete wall in the theatre cafe area.



Web3D – QUT

In mid 2017 the project continued as part of the 2017 Web3D conference in Brisbane, Australia and Singapore. For Brisbane the installation continued as an interactive work, requesting messages relating to the Web3D conference that members had uploaded to Twitter. The more the moon was full the more activity there was on social media. The concept submitted for the conference is below.


Media Art Nexus – Singapore

In Singapore the installation was exhibited on a 15 meter wide by 2 meter tall LED screen. Unfortunately it had to be stripped of its interactivity and continued as an animation. To make sure there were still messages on display, I inserted moon facts and poems. The full animation can be watched below.