Shadow Showdown: Foxton


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Developed by Matthew Martin and Jenna Gavin

The Shadow Showdown: Foxton game is for all ages where anyone can join by attempting to fill in shadows just by using their body. A complete overhaul on the original, Shadow Showdown: Foxton features new game modes, sounds, content and hardware – premiering at the opening of the Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom centre in Foxton.

Shadow Showdown is an interactive game that challenges players to get physical and have fun!

While each mode challenges the players in various ways, the core objective remains; fill in the shape as best possible. Players are awarded points for filling in the silhouette and subtracted points for covering areas outside the silhouette. A total percentage out of 100 is given to the player. How players fill in the silhouette is totally up to them, leaving space for creative solutions. Press the Features tab at the top to find out more.

Shadow Showdown: Foxton is running from November 2017 until mid 2018 at the Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom centre in Foxton.



Each game can last anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes and sometimes longer depending on the player’s skill level in the Survival mode. The modes are designed for an unknown number of players and leaves the play style up to the players. It is completely possible for a team of 5 to go up against one person. Players can get really creative in the Simon Says mode, where the shape to fill in is made by a team for the opposing team to fill in. There are four modes to choose from.

Quick Play

Short and sweet. Pick a shape, fill it in, get a score. Try and beat the highscore!


Compete against another player or team – best out of 3 rounds wins! A new random shape appears each round and teams take turns scoring for the highest percentage.


Fill in shape after shape in this non-stop game mode. Complete each shape to the required percentage before the timer runs out!

Simon Says

Create your own shadow shape and have a buddy fill it in! Each team takes a turn to create a weird and wonderful shape on screen for the opposing team to fill in as best they can.

A girl making her Simon Says shape.


The shadow images have been hand created by Jenna Gavin and are entirely based on the flora and fauna of the Foxton area. Each image gives the player a challenge to manoeuvre their body and fit inside often resulting in an amusing position. To go along with the images we sourced relatable sounds for when the images appear.


Kinect V2

An upgrade from the original Kinect meant we could target a better resolution, wider play area and higher framerate, helping create an overall better experience for players.


We wanted to translate a player’s silhouette proportionately on the screen while leaving room for the HUD. This ended up creating a square ratio screen with a height over 2 meters tall. Players can easily fit entirely on screen and with their friends while not being too close to the screen.


Players can select, play and quit games without delay simply by touching the tablet located nearby. The layout of the tablet is similar to the main screen with both responding instantly to the user’s touch. Players can go from finishing a game to selecting another in seconds. The tablet is always connected to the game and vital for players who want to play game after game!

Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom

Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom centre is a museum, exhibition and library dedicated to the stories of the town, Te Awahou–Foxton, and the people who have connections there. The centre aims to bring together Foxton residents and visitors as a facility and attraction that will deliver sustainable value for their community. The Foxton town has a notable history with the Māori and Dutch and is reflected in many of the works exhibited in the gallery. The town’s culture became an inspiration for our content in the game, with many of the artefacts originating from Māori or Dutch . Beside the centre is the De Molen, a large dutch windmill that is still in operation. The centre opened in November 2017.

Our game fulfils the interactive entertainment section for the centre. Kids can come in freely and enjoy hours of fun by themselves or with friends.

Concept Media

The video above was our starting point for selecting the style of play for game modes. There were many tangents possible – one of which was a shadow that doesn’t disappear, giving players a way to ‘paint’ in the shape.