Screen Watch



Screen Watch is an installation themed around the user, the screen and the interaction between the two. Viewers can think of the screen not just as something that they are observing, but a machine capable of watching as well. The screen displays a digital eye; disjointedly mirroring back to the audience what it sees. This leaves the user with a higher level of self awareness, as they are the one being observed.

Screen Watch works by using the Kinect camera to display the screen’s perspective. When a user or users enter the space directly in front of the screen they become the screen’s focus. This screen transforms into a digital, rectangular eye. As the users move within the space the screen eye moves with it.

The digital eye is made of rectangles where the smallest, middle rectangle shows the main focus point. Similar to the outer parts of the human eye, the rectangles of the screen progressively become less informative and distorted to reality the further out from the center they are.

Screen Watch was on display in January 2012 for Digital Art Live under the theme Emerging Pixels. Hosted by The Edge in Auckland, New Zealand.