Little Big City Beijing

LBC BEI High res trailer from Emily Beckmann on Vimeo.

Little Big City Beijing combines miniature models with new platforms of audiovisual storytelling. Visitors journey through three floors of miniaturised cities made up of popular locations in China overlapped with historical events and mythology. Seeper brought the characters to life by intermixing modern technology within the buildings and structures along with decorating the walls and sculptures using complex projection mapping. We were able to subtly install transparent screens, projectors and speakers without obtruding from the overall experience of the attraction.

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By being in Beijing for over a month I built up a rapport with the local install team, many of which did not speak English. While supporting them with the install my primary role was to uphold all media and interactives to a high standard in playback and functionality throughout the day and at the correct moments. On the top floor all visuals and audio cycle through a synchronised day and night sequence. Characters in the stores can be seen jumping between different displays, making the show versatile and 3 dimensional.

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One of the first Unity apps I developed at Seeper was an arcade style button masher implemented onto the great wall of China. Players can participate in the attack of the wall by moving the joystick and sending projectiles at the Great Wall, just like the Mongol raiders.

The centerpiece of the attraction has visitors move through a geometric tunnel decorated with projection mapped highlights of the seasonal events in china. As visitors move through the tunnel a halo forms around them and interacts with seasonal particles as they move around.

Finale. Image source Emily Buckmann Vimeo

Little Big City Beijing opened to the public in September 2018.