Interactive Boxing Game

Rico Verhoeven is a professional kickboxer and one of Madame Tussauds newest wax models in the Amsterdam attraction. Merlin wanted a way for audiences to have active engagement and connection with the athlete. The outcome Seeper helped build is a competitive interactive punchbag game. Users can play by hitting the punchbag and attempt to get as many hits in before the timer runs out, all while the Rico waxwork cheers them on.

We were very excited about making an interactive punchbag due to the new degrees of interaction and behavior we can achieve with our audience. To have an installation that welcomes users to hit as many times as they can while outputting a quantifiable score created a lively atmosphere between the user, their friends and the installation. It has been a testament for our team to prove we can build a very robust and reactive technology that can withstand over 120,000 punches a day (estimation based on 4000+ visitors a day).

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From the game elements involved, I needed to create a user interface application using a Brightsign player and Brightauthor software to inform players of instructions, score counts and outcomes of their hits. I was able to really get the most out of a Brightsign media player due to the various states and rapid changes required in the player’s journey. Below is a list of components I implemented into the presentation:

  • A master and slave relationship between players
  • Variable counters
  • Randomised voiceovers triggered at appropriate intervals
  • Layers within the presentation for text, images, video and audio
  • A reactive temperature gauge changing based on the number of hits and the speed between hitting the punchbag
  • Startup and shutdown operations
  • GPIO, UDP and serial communication
  • Messages for fault logging purposes

Achieving new purposes with a Brightsign has given us exponential value when it comes to individual installs.