Digital Canvas



The project Digital Canvas has users interact with a digital canvas and share a visual moment as an interactive recording. Users interact by moving their hands in front of the screen and select what to record and for how long based on what is in front of them. It is most effective in the context of a highly aesthetic place and time, like a concert, performance or scenic viewpoint. The installation records in real time once it is activated and when the user has left, the recording lingers on within the screen, constantly looping. As other users enter the interactive space they mix in with previously created content. Over time the installation becomes a collage of uniquely blended moments, all from different time periods.


This project was designed around the relation between memory, technology and sharing experiences. It attempted new or alternative grounds for a person to share their experience with others. When a person shares a photo or video of their experience with someone, it does not show all the memories that are brought up within that person who had that experience. This project was to not just recreate a simulation of a moment, but instead connect and reflect with relatable content that creates the experience of that moment. In a way, the work took on a digital representation of a mind. It tried to create an overall experience by blending past visual moments or “digital memories” with the current recording. The user, sees the collage of moments and in turn forms their own experience from it.

Digital Canvas started from a final year of study in Bachelor of Creative Technologies. It began as small experiments with different types of software and hardware, attempting to give awareness to some of the intentions a person may have from using video cameras for a specific purpose and a conscious understanding of why they think a camera can fulfil this purpose. What resulted is this interactive installation, giving users a way to capture visual and audio moments in front of them onto a digital canvas by using hand gestures.