Image sourced from Sealife Sydney

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The Sealife in Sydney, Australia had a complete overhaul of the coral reef zone. Seeper collaborated in the theming, storytelling and integrating the latest technologies with educational and entertaining installations about Australian sea life.

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The attraction holds 14 interactive and 5 seamless looping AV installations. All of which run over 8 hours per day for visitors reaching above 3000 each day. I was fortunate enough to be a key component to trialing, in house, all of the possible interactions available to users. Many of the features utilise foot and hand tracking sensors on multiple users to output things like sand footprints or underwater ripples. One feature very popular with kids and adults alike is the Bioluminescence beach. We were able to simulate the mesmerising effect of microorganisms producing neon blue light in the sand. When people step onto the beach they can create footprint shaped splashes as if they were on a real bio beach.

It was in Sydney I developed my understanding of show control systems and network integration between lighting, audio and media systems. It was vital that the system not only ran well but was intuitive and informative for the onsite staff to act accordingly when a piece of kit was not behaving as expected.

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As part of the onsite commissioning team I supported the projection mapping and playback of all content. We used a Karsk Green Hippo server to achieve playback of 3840 x 1200 at flexes lossless quality where scenes involving lightning and fast paced time lapses required frame accurate synching. Hippo’s Shape tool set made it feasible to morph our content onto predominantly round based sculptures. The result from our mapping transformed a bare, empty room into a day and night panoramic beach.

Many of the interactive installations required mapping for real time Unity applications. We achieved this by using the plugin Mural – Multi-Projector Edge Blending and Keystone Correction. This was very beneficial for the Biolumescence Beach app that outputted on four projectors (two on the wall, two on the floor). We were able to warp and blend all edges and corners to create one seamless image.

Image credit Brian Shirley.

The Sealife Day & Night on the Reef opened November 2018.